How to Create a MetaMask Wallet

Learn how to create a Wallet using "MetaMask"

What is a Wallet?

An NFT Wallet is a digital wallet for storing cryptocurrency and NFTs.

The Wallet stores a key called a "private key," which functions as a signature when making transactions with cryptocurrency or purchasing NFTs.

Generally, MetaMask, a web browser extension, is used to create a Wallet. Here, you can find instructions on how to open a MetaMask Wallet.

How to Setup a Wallet

This tutorial is for setting up MetaMask Wallet on your smartphone.

1. Download Metamask

Download the MetaMask app from the app store.

2. Set up a password

Set a password for logging into MetaMask on your device.

1) Tap "Get started" -> "Create a new wallet" -> Read the note and hit "I Agree"

2) Enter your desired password, read the note, and put a checkmark in the checkbox.

3) Hit "Create password" to complete the process.

💡 This password is very important, so make sure to save and remember it.


3. Save the Secret Recovery Phrase

The following shows how to save the "Secret Recovery Phrase" required to restore your account.

🚑 What is a Secret Recovery Phrase?

It is a set of 12 English words that you will need when restoring your MetaMask account. You should save them carefully, as if the phrase gets exposed, your cryptocurrency and/or NFTs in your Wallet will be at risk of being stolen.

1) Watch the Secret Recovery Phrase instruction video -> then "Start".

2) Tap "View" to reveal your Secret Recovery Phrase (12 English words)

 🚑 The Secret Recovery Phrase is required to restore your account if your smartphone with MetaMask installed is damaged or malfunctions.

This is an extremely important set of phrases, so please save it in a safe place by printing out a screenshot, etc., and NEVER share it with anyone.

3) Place the phrases you just saved in order by selecting them from the bottom section. -> "Complete Backup"

4) Once you have successfully rearranged the recovery phrases, a completion screen will appear. Hit "Done" to finish.

You are all set with creating a MetaMask Wallet!


Confirm Your Wallet Address

The wallet address is like an individual ID that you will need to send cryptocurrency to your wallet. You can check your address by opening the MetaMask app and tapping to copy the address from the below section.

The address is a very long combination of alphabets and numbers.

Example: 0x41DE80A4923F6863199b4E8A522Bc7a3B617e38B

This address can be sent to the other party to receive cryptocurrency or NFTs. Your assets will not be exposed because the other party knows your address.